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Musings from a Skeptic

I'm A Crystal Healer. Here's Why I Don't Think Meditation Is For Everyone (MindBodyGreen)

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Have you ever told someone you're a little stressed, maybe having trouble sleeping, and they immediately start nagging "meditate! You should be meditating!"? Me too. But to be honest, one size doesn't fit all and I don't think anyone should feel pressure to do anything that doesn't feel right in order to be "successful" or "happy". I get it, there's little doubt calming your mind has some awesome effects, I'm just suggesting that there are plenty of ways to do it. Check out my thoughts on meditation over here at MindBodyGreen. If you love it, please share it on Facebook...

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How to Show Your Heart Chakra Some Love (Elite Daily)

A slightly edited version of this article has appeared in Elite Daily - you can check it out here :) I’m feeling inspired to talk about love and the heart chakra today. Pretty sure it has more to do with having Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” on repeat this morning than the flood of emails subject lines spewing up Valentine’s Day reminders. Regardless, writing about the warm and fuzzies doesn’t happen often so I’m rolling with it. You. Are. Welcome. Alright. Your Heart Chakra. Kind of a big deal when it comes to living with big love, attracting it, radiating it, keeping...

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Wear Them, Display Them, Hold Them. How To Use Crystals Every Damn Day (MindBodyGreen)

One of the things I love about crystals is that there are so many ways to incorporate them into your life. In this piece for MindBodyGreen, we talk about ways to wear them, meditate with them, and even some Feng Shui tips. Click here to go to the article :) 

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Have Thyroid Issues? Try These Crystals to Balance Your Throat Chakra

For years I watched my sister struggle with Hashimoto’s hypothyroid condition. You could see the condition was taking its toll, both physically and emotionally. Weight gain, stress, mood swings, plummeting confidence. But on a recent trip home I noticed a huge change her. After seven years she’d finally dropped the pounds and was the happiest I’d seen her in years. Her energy levels were through the roof! It looked like her holistic, clean eating and natural approach to managing her thyroid issues was paying off. The transformation was insane. When I realized she was incorporating energy healing and mindfulness to try...

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Three Crystals to Help You Survive the Holidays

Food, gifts, family, love… yeah, yeah, we get it. The holidays are meant to be a time of thanks, gratitude and sharing. You know, all the happy good stuff. But let’s be real, traveling home to spend days on end with family can sometimes be, well, challenging. I’ve already had a ton of friends swap excuses to avoid heading home, or at the very least dodge the ol’ what-are-you-doing-with-your-life interrogation from Uncle Bart. To keep things moving smoothly, and saving you from losing your mind, it might be time you called on the good joo-joo of the Universe and kept...

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