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Musings from Laura, The Hidden Hippie

How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home in Under 10 Minutes

I don’t know about you, but there seems to be a direct correlation between my mood taking a downward spiral and the cleanliness of my home, AKA tiny New York apartment. The more cluttered my space, the more cluttered and chaotic my mind is. Hellllooooo doom and gloom. Like a lot of us, I work from home a lot so it’s super important that I keep good vibes flowing through my home and create spaces I love. Happy home, happy mind. That’s right folks, stagnant or negative energy can be a serious downer to your mental and physical state, and...

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Crystals You Need Based on Your Zodiac Sign

GUUUUYS! I have a little (but very special) tradition to share… ahhh just thinking about it gets me all excited. It feels like that moment before you check if your lottery ticket won. You know, when your imagination is going nuts with the possibilities of what you’ll do when you win (in case you’re wondering, my fantasy looks a little like me + yacht + Mediterranean). Anyway! Less lottery daydreams, more tradition! On the first day of every month, I put on something pretty, wander to one of my favorite coffee shops that I reserve for special occasions (i.e. daydreaming),...

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The 3 Crystals You Need Every Time You Travel

amethyst citrine mindbodygreen recharge relax rose quartz vacation

Have you ever been on vacation and come home exhausted instead of refreshed? What do people say? Something like you need a vacation for your vacation.  Well, to make sure you get the most out of your time off and come back to reality refreshed and ready to crush it, I put together this list for MindBodyGreen of the three crystals you should take with you when you're going on a trip. You can read the article here on MindBodyGreen. If you love it, share it! MMMmmmwah! 

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5 Lessons Learned When I Competed Against My Hero (A Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist)

There is one day in the year 2000 that I remember very clearly; I was jumping around the living room, cheering like I had won the lottery. Well, there was no winning lottery ticket but the Hockeyroos, the Australian Women's Field Hockey team, had just won the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics.  Best. Day. Ever. One of the players on the field happened to be my sporting hero; goal scoring machine and field hockey legend, Katrina "Triny" Powell. At 12, I wanted to be just like her, winning gold for Australia. At 14, I did a fake interview with...

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The Counterintuitive Secret To Daily Joy All Happy People Live By

Who would have thought that feeling sad, angry, frustrated and every other icky feeling in between could lead to big, big happiness?  Honestly, I was a little taken aback when I was first given this advice, but maaaan did it help. Forget about bottling up and ignoring all the 'bad' stuff. The trick is to sit with it, feel it, process it and then let it slide away. Then hooooge joy can flow. Bananas.  Read more about it in the article published for MindBodyGreen :) 

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