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3 crystals to help with anxiety

Anxiety is a bitch. It’s been a long time since I had a full blown panic attack, but damn, you never forget that feeling. Tight chest, short breaths, the desperate urge to make yourself as small as possible and hide. Super, super fun. Womp womp.

There are so many causes for the stress, anxiety and turmoil that we experience today. An obsession with control, the future, dwelling in the past, pressure to achieve, achieve, achieve. It’s no surprise we all have little freak outs.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help ease the anxiety. Maybe it’s sitting under a tree to relax, or simply breaking goals into small actionable steps. Something you may want to try are crystals. They can be a great tool to help ease anxiety, here are a few that we’d recommend to get started:


This crystal has a super high water content, so it’s no real surprise is has a calming effect. It’s known to ease negative thought patterns and release suppressed emotions. In other words, it does a good job of overcoming fears, worries and anxiety.

It’s readily available, which is a win. Carry a little bit with you or place it on your third eye (AKA where your monobrow is, pre threading sesh) when you’re meditating.


I’m spotting a trend here between calming crystals and water. Aquamarine looks like the ocean and has a similar effect of helping you calm down. It’s well known for attracting courage, reducing fears and quieting the mind. This crystal also counteracts negative energies around you so you’re not constantly being whacked with a bad joojoo stick.

Readily available (like, you-can-buy-it-from-us-ready), try to keep some in your apartment or on your person *cough bra cough* Like a lot of crystals, it’s also useful to hold and channel when you’re meditating.

Fools Gold i.e. Iron Pyrite

This baby is a strong energy shield, protecting you from negative hooha floating around. It also helps you overcome feelings of inadequacy, boosting confidence and self-worth. It’s no wonder that when you wear it anxiety gets a butt kicking. Also readily available, this is good to keep close to your chest – perhaps on a necklace – and can be snuck under your pillow to help your anxieties fade when you sleep.

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