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How I bought my first crystal

It all started on a Sunday morning, so naturally I was hungover. I’d made plans to meet my friend for brunch in the Lower East Side… because we’re cool like that, yo. 

We finished up our bacon and Bellini’s, and aimlessly began wandering the streets, neither of us motivated enough to actually do anything but also not in the mood to roll home.

And then there it was. The sign that would change our lives. There was no doubt to what we were doing next…

Tarot Readings.

I’ll tell you a little more about actually having a tarot reading in another post, but let’s focus on the crystals shall we. I started exploring the very alternative/hippie store - I’m sure you know the type – more incense than oxygen, walls of crystals, sage bushels, 50 different ‘things’ to burn and plenty of naff jewelry and spiritual books. Toto, we’re not in Rag and Bone anymore.  

I started talking to the owner about the crystals for a while (super sweet lady!), learning how they have different energies and such, and kept coming back to the same type. Rose Quartz.

It’s no surprise I was drawn to these babies, they’re definitely on the pretty end of the crystal scale. More importantly, I’d spent a lonnnnng time working through a broken heart. Actually, I think shattered is the more appropriate description, and was tired of it. People think running wears you out, but man, heartbreak is exhausting. I was desperate for something, anything, to help pull me out of my funk.

So, I bought a piece of Rose Quartz.

And you know what? It helped. Was it the silver bullet I really wanted? No. Did I suddenly convert to a hippie, spiritual lifestyle, leaving everything up to the universe? Defs not. But it did help move me in the right direction. It was like I was committing to stitching myself back together, slowly but surely. A little investment in a big problem.

That’s the thing about holistic health. Whether or not you believe it’s all spiritual, power-of-the-universe stuff or if you think most of its mumbo jumbo, you get to choose how it works for you. It’s a feel-good buffet!

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