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Have Thyroid Issues? Try These Crystals to Balance Your Throat Chakra

For years I watched my sister struggle with Hashimoto’s hypothyroid condition. You could see the condition was taking its toll, both physically and emotionally. Weight gain, stress, mood swings, plummeting confidence.

But on a recent trip home I noticed a huge change her. After seven years she’d finally dropped the pounds and was the happiest I’d seen her in years. Her energy levels were through the roof! It looked like her holistic, clean eating and natural approach to managing her thyroid issues was paying off. The transformation was insane.

When I realized she was incorporating energy healing and mindfulness to try ease her symptoms, I shared with her how I’d used crystals for years to help manage the symptoms and prevent my Basilar Migraines.

Because crystals have been used to ease symptoms of pain for, well, forever (they are part of the Earth after all) and we can trace their use for healing through most civilizations, it suddenly seemed obvious to do some research into how crystals could play a part in balancing your thyroid. 

Many of the crystals used to heal and balance the thyroid are also commonly used to unblock your throat chakra. This isn’t surprising when you consider that your thyroid is super connected to your throat chakra, as they’re both located in the same area of your body.

Here are some of the best crystals to help open your throat chakra and restore balance to your thyroid:

Once you’ve picked your crystal, here is a simple mediation exercise to try:

Lie down and place the crystal on your throat.

Whilst you’re lying with the crystal on your throat chakra, you can add some extra oomph to the process by visualizing a glowing, spinning, blue sphere at your throat. Why blue? It’s the color associated with this chakra, so it’s no coincidence many of the crystals are blue too.

You can also add a mantra to deepen the mediation.

Sound, after all, is super powerful at shifting energy vibrations, particularly for the throat chakra which often represents communication and speaking your truth. If you’re like me though and struggle to keep the crystals in place on your neck whilst mantra-ing away, just repeat it in your head. It still works!

Not sure what mantra to use to keep your throat chakra unblocked? Here’s one of my favorites:

My words are my truth

I totally understand we don’t all have time to lie down for a meditation every day, so you can just try carrying one with you.

Wearing one of the stones on a necklace (or bra clip!) is particularly helpful for balancing your thyroid, as it keeps them close to the physical location of the thyroid itself.

Managing a chronic health condition can often add to stress and anxiety, which is why my personal favorite is the Lapis Lazuli. It’s a vibrant blue, so connects immediately to the throat chakra, but it’s also a wonderful crystal to relieve stress and create deep peace. If you’re having a little trouble sleeping, you can slip some under your pillow too.

Aquamarine is also particularly useful as it doubles at balancing the thyroid and providing the wearer with courage, allowing you to communicate with confidence and calm. It’s known to give support if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some help with authentic self-expression. Oh, did I mention it’s super pretty?? Yeah, there’s that too! Win-win.

I’d never suggest crystals as a be all, end all solution to any medical condition. They’re a wonderful, natural tool that can be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and professional medical advice :) 

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  • Laura @ Hidden Hippie on

    Hi Heather, I’m so happy to hear you’re using crystals to help with your intention setting! Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll definitely look into it for you. Will hopefully have something to share in the next few weeks :) In the meantime, Clear Quartz is great for all round health so try starting with that if you haven’t already. Laura

  • Heather @ Beyond the Aisle on

    I’ve recently started investing in crystals and crystal jewelry to help me set my intentions. I’d really appreciate a similar article about how to use crystals for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

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