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How to Show Your Heart Chakra Some Love (Elite Daily)

A slightly edited version of this article has appeared in Elite Daily - you can check it out here :)

I’m feeling inspired to talk about love and the heart chakra today. Pretty sure it has more to do with having Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” on repeat this morning than the flood of emails subject lines spewing up Valentine’s Day reminders. Regardless, writing about the warm and fuzzies doesn’t happen often so I’m rolling with it. You. Are. Welcome.

Alright. Your Heart Chakra. Kind of a big deal when it comes to living with big love, attracting it, radiating it, keeping it, you get the idea. Life feels better when your heart chakra is balanced and flowing good energy around. So, if you struggle with matters of the heart, there could well be a big blockage in this energy point, often caused by repressed emotions.

FYI, this chakra is the fourth chakra, and if we’re getting technical about it, is otherwise known as Anahata. No surprises here, it’s located in the middle of your chest.

We’ve all been through the wringer at some point or another. A family member has let you down, a friend betrayed you, you got dumped out of the blue. These all influence your heart chakra, but how they effect it in the long term is up to you and your ability to let go.

So what’s the trick to keeping it open and balanced?

Well, you start with wine. Jokes! That’s like, step 4.

Here are some other suggestions to keep that chakra unblocked and ready for business:

  1. Focus on the present

Unless you literally just stubbed your toe, a lot of the pain we carry around is caused by stressing over the past or dreading things that have not even come to pass. Try to focus on the moment you’re in. Now, I’m told by reliable sources that yoga is great for this, but alas, me no bend-o so I can’t speak from personal experience. Starting a meditation practice can also get your ‘present’ muscle working. Again, I’m certainly no meditation expert (One of my besties is! Does that count?), but I’d be silly not to mention it. If you’re down for using crystals in meditation, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Green Tourmaline are a good place to start. Keeping these crystals close also helps.

For me, I like to immerse myself in a good fiction book. Also, lots of challenging exercise – to finish a long run I have to focus on the task at hand, which is putting one foot in front of the other. The trick is to find something where you’re forced to focus and be present. 

  1. Be open with your emotions

HA! Yes, that feels a little rich coming from me, Miss Lock-it-away-and-hide-the-key, but it’s true. The beautiful thing is, it doesn’t mean you have to tell the world what you’re feeling – realizing that helped me a lot. Sometimes just writing it all out in a private, emotional, journal dump is exactly what you need to get a bit of clarity and release. Screaming into a pillow is also a pretty good trick…. Juuuuuust sayin’. Whatever works for you, let those emotions out.  

  1. Accept that what will be will be

Acceptance of what is isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. Take some time to acknowledge what is out of your control, then choose not to stress about it. There’s almost nothing to be gained by stressing over something or someone that you cannot control.

  1. Have a glass of wine – because I said that was point 4
  1. Add some green to your life

The heart chakra is represented by green, so up the dosage. Throw on a green blouse, or start munching some kale. Jokes, not kale, me no likey. Spinach, that’ll work. Chug some green tea or go lay in a grassy field. You get the idea.

Living from a place of love and compassion is a wonderful place to be, but it can be tough to get there if you’re feeling knocked down. Try these tips and your heart chakra will thank you for it :) 

Have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments!!

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