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Interested in crystals & energy healing, but allergic to the woowoo?

Welcome to the club! Years ago, when I first got into energy healing – meaning crystals, reiki, kinesiology etc – I NEVER told anyone about it. I was embarrassed. All the information on it was just too woowoo, too spiritual, too… hippie. It didn’t feel like me. It’s still doesn’t feel like me!

But, it helped. Yep, it made me feel great.

What was going on?! I’m rational. I’m practical. Sure, I’m obsessed with Harry Potter but even then… energy woowoo? That’s just going too far. It’s one thing to talk to my boss about the Sorting Hat, but another to explain I was feeling great because my chakras had just been aligned. Heck, I didn’t even know what a chakra was! FYI they’re hippie speak for energy points in your body.

Clearly I’m a skeptic, but I’m convinced there’s something to this stuff.

Now you may be wondering, how does it work? No idea buddy! Maybe it really is the “universe”, perhaps there is good and bad “energy”, or maybe it’s to do with the positive research out there on living with intention and hope. The best part is that you get to decide what it means and how it works for you.

And in case you’re a little worried, this energy stuff doesn’t require a lot of the cliché things around it. To get the benefits of energy healing, including crystals, you don’t need to up the dose of patchouli, burn incense, chant, or twist into all sorts of karmic poses. You don’t have to change your hair or clothes, or believe in anything particular… unless you want to, of course! It’s all up to what’s good for you, without caring how someone else does it.

So why not give crystals and energy healing a go? As a survivor of a severe allergy to all the woowoo, I can confirm that you will still be welcome at all your favorite cool haunts.

If you’re open to it, it can make you feel better. It’s kinda like you’re taking action to change and improve AKA putting good energy vibes out to the universe ;) It can help you make the small shift you need, opening you up to new opportunities, making a hopeless situation feel less shitty. That’s my experience anyway.

Here’s the catch though, as awesome as energy healing is it’s probably not going to solve all your problems. But hey, if it makes life a bit better and fun, it’s worth a shot. Right? Riiiiiiight.

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