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Can't sleep? Try these crystals

So today’s inspiration comes from the fact I’ve yawned 4 times in the last 20 mintues. Sooooo sleepy. Thinking of bears in fields of daisies last night didn’t even help me unwind. Disastrous.

Anyway it got me thinking about what crystals are good have nearby for a better snooze. Keep a piece of these crystals next to your bed or snuck under your pillow for best effects:

Blue Calcite

A lovely blue rock, this crystal is well known for relaxation and recuperation. It’s helps with relaxation by releasing negative emotions, lowering blood pressure and soothing your nerves. Blue Calcite will absorb your negative energy, filter it, then send it back as positive energy. Ummm that’s pretty sweet. Am I right?!


I’m gonna be honest, this isn’t the prettiest stone going around. But if it works to keeps your eyes shut you’re not really going to notice, are you? Magnesite attracts peace and relaxation, so it’s awesome for meditation and catching some Z’s. It brings a sense of harmony, calming any emotional stressors that may be keeping you up at night. 


What Magnesite lacked in looks, Topaz makes up for. Don’t be fooled, it’s not just a pretty rock. Topaz soothes, recharges and heals, directing energy where you need it most. It releases tension, helping you to relax for a less fitful, tossing and turning sleep.

Peace out guys. It’s nap tiZZzzzzzzzZzzzzzzZzzzzzz

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