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About us

Hi! Welcome to Hidden Hippie, where we're making modern, fun 'hippie' products that help you live happier, more mindful and fulfilling lives.

We celebrate real women who, with or without dreadlocks and incense, want to enjoy all the good things hippie stuff has to offer, in their own private and fun way. Starting with the first ever, intention setting Crystal Bra Clips.

Ummm... why? GOOD QUESTION! 

Cue our founder, Laura.

Here's her story:


Locked away in a windowless beige office in NYC, Laura had finally 'made it'. Yep, life was... anticlimactic #deathbybeige

Always the optimist, she started looking for anything to help her perk up and was soon introduced to crystals and all their energy attracting, positive joojoo. 


Hippie + Corporate Life = No Bueno.

No one was going to take her seriously if she went to a meeting with a quartz obelisk dangling from one ear and an amethyst orb draped around her neck. Heck, she wouldn't take herself seriously! And besides, it was no one else's business that she carried these little talismans around.

So, naturally, she started shoving crystals down her bra.

Hidden away, working their magic, boss none the wiser. Vundebar!

But there was a problem...

Take the bra off and forget the crystal was there (so comfy!) and they could go flying.

Cracked mirrors, boyfriends with black eyes, and worst of all crystals smashing into pieces as they were flung to the floor.

Yes, tears were shed. #RIPcrystal

And so Hidden Hippie was born.

After months of design, tests and sourcing, the perfect bra clip was released to the world. Now all you babes out there can use our secret weapon. 

Before moving to the concrete jungle that is New York City, Laura grew up on fruit farms and beaches in the south west of Australia (AKA Middle of Nowhere). Climbing apple trees and walking through ancient Tuart forests is where her love of greenery and the outdoors began. Green spaces and respecting the environment is one of her biggest passions, which is why Hidden Hippie plant a tree for every purchase made.

Hippie or not, everyone in the planet needs many, many trees to hug ;) 



Join our community of ladies who get it, where we all geek out on pretty things (crystals, bras, flowers, you name it!). We're a brand that's all about feeling good and doing 'zen' your way. Being friends with you is one of the best feelings goin' round, so come join the fam and spread the luuuuurrvee!

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