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ATTRACT CALM Aquamarine Healing Crystal Bra Clip


Stressed? Overwhelmed? Or maybe you're just stuck at a fork in the road and need a little clarity? Sorry, we can't help you...

JOKES! Of course we can. Just smack some Aquamarine on your cups. 

This aquamarine gem is all about calm, clarity and courage. 

It totes comes in handy when when you need to let go or overcome anxiety. Clear, heartfelt, confident communication is coming your way with this nugget. 

A lovely green blue color, this stone is like walking around with a piece of the sea near your heart. There's a reason ocean sounds are used to help people calm the f down and sleep.

Let this rock be your little piece of paradise. Breattttthe. Relaaaaxx.

*As much as we like to control everything, no two stones are the same, so sizes and shapes may vary

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