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ATTRACT PEACE Amethyst Healing Crystal Bra Clip


Not a fan of negativity? Neither are we! 

Need to relax and supercharge your meditation session? We get it. And we have just the crystal for you!

This amethyst crystal is all about peace and protecting you from and bad vibes floating around. 

Pretty helpful to have strapped to your frillies when your boss is, well, unpleasant. Or maybe the depressing news headlines are just getting to ya. 

This is one of the prettiest stones going around, so it's not surprise it has noooooo time for ugly joojoo. And when there's less negativity around, your anxiety and stress can start to fade away too. 

Let this rock help you meditate, sleep and shield you from alllll that negative talk out there. We ain't got time for that!

*As much as we like to control everything, no two stones are the same, so sizes and shapes may vary

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