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ATTRACT MONEY Citrine Healing Crystal Bra Clip


They say money can't buy you happiness. Whoever came up with that clearly missed the Citrine wagon... 

This baby is all about wealth and happiness

What's that saying? Two birds, one stone? Literally this one stone brings you money and happiness.

It's alllllll about abundance with this rock, so use this baby to bring in lot's of whatever it is you're chasing. Manifest baby, manifest.

We know what you're thinking - seriously, joy and prosperity?

Ummm it's yellow. Of course it's happy. And gold is well, gold. Makes total sense now, right?! Right.

Citrine. Closing the wage gap one sexy bra at a time. 


*As much as we like to control everything, no two stones are the same, so sizes and shapes may vary

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