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ATTRACT HEALTH Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Bra Clip


There's a reason kale and green juice are having a little more than a moment - health is a biiiiig deal!

Let's be real, who doesn't want a pumping heart, glowy skin, glossy hair and ummm... strong cuticles? Yes, strong cuticles. 

This Clear Quartz gem is all about health and healing. 

Whilst we do not suggest dropping Clear Quartz in your blender, we do strongly advise keeping it near your bumpy lady bits if you want some help feeling strong and healthy. 

On a serious note, we here at Hidden Hippie understand how hard it can be to have a special someone struggling with health issues, which is why this is our most popularly gifted stone. Hold it tight and channel all your positive healthy energy - like a supercharge - into the rock before handing it off. 

Clear Quartz. Putting the rock in rock-hard abs.

p.s. this super healing stone also enhances the effects of other crystals nearby, so wear it with your other gems for some crazy powerful zen action! 

*As much as we like to control everything, no two stones are the same, so sizes and shapes may vary

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